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It is really easy to use. The graphical bookings page is very useful for at a glance checking when we get a phone enquiry. We will certainly be telling our colleagues in the area about it.

~ Pete & Janet House, Bless This Nest

From the Blog:

  • Now completely free!

    We're pleased to announce that GuestList is now completely free to all users. More »

    by Ben | 18 September 2018

  • GuestList Directory goes live

    We have just launched GuestList Directory. More »

    by Justin Munro | 27 January 2016

  • Another happy customer!

    We were very pleased to get this feedback from Vivien Munro, who runs Altonburn Cottage, a beautiful self-catered cottage near Inverness. More »

    by Ben Jeffery | 1 December 2009

  • Customised GuestList solutions

    If GuestList doesn't provide exactly what you need, or you're running a larger hotel or holiday resort, you may be interested in our bespoke service. You still get GuestList's ease of use and web access, but with customisation and extras like new reports, online payments, integration with third party systems, and pretty much anything else you need. More »

    by Ben Jeffery | 19 October 2009

  • Online booking tutorial

    If you haven't tried your online booking yet, our detailed online booking tutorial should help you get started. Read this page to find out how to set up online booking and integrate with your own website. There's also some guidance on how our online booking process works, and what your guests will see. Read the tutorial. More »

    by Ben Jeffery | 4 September 2009

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