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Our new website isn't just a pretty face (although we are very pleased with the new design). We've also added lots of new content, including a full features list, a tour of how it works, and more about why you should choose GuestList. We're going to keep expanding the website with more help information and resources for our customers too. Let us know what you think!

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Posted by Ben Jeffery, on 21 August 2009

Why we built GuestList

Before we started GuestList we worked with clients in hospitality and we weren't too impressed with the software available for hotels and other holiday accommodation. In particular, there wasn't much for smaller operators like B&Bs, campsites and holiday rentals.

Other products seemed expensive, with high set-up costs or support contracts. Some were just an addition to marketing services, with providers taking commission on bookings - including those made from the owner's website.

We wanted to build something that would make life easier for B&B and holiday rental owners, and we went out of our way to make sure GuestList stayed easy to use. Read the full article.

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Posted by Ben Jeffery, on 19 August 2009

What reports do you want?

We're currently working on the reports section to make it more useful and interesting. This will involve both improving the look and feel, and providing more useful reporting information. As always, we're keen to here what you think, so please let us know if you'd like something in particular for your business. This is your change to make sure GuestList works how you want it.

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Posted by Ben Jeffery, on 10 August 2009

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