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What if I want something more bespoke?

Bluelinemedia - who own and manage GuestList - provide a bespoke development service for larger hotels and other organisations, or if you just need something different. Visit for more about our handmade software.

How do I get all my old data into GuestList?

You can import existing guest details from a CSV file. This is a universal format which you can create in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, and is often an export option in other booking management applications. Choose the 'import' function from the 'Guests' area of your GuestList account and follow the instructions provided.

Can I access the system from more than one computer?

Yes. GuestList is web-based, which means you can access your bookings and guests from any internet-connected computer in the world.

How safe is my information?

We take significant measures to protect our website and your information, and because it's web-based you are not vulnerable to issues with your own computer. You can also save all your information to your computer any time you want, in case you want to undo changes or recover from a loss of data.

How do I back up my information?

Currently you can back up your guests to a CSV file from the relevant area of your GuestList account. This will soon include your bookings and reports. We also take regular backups and store GuestList on multiple servers to avoid loss of data.

What if I want to move away from GuestList later?

We've gone out of our way to give you complete control over your own information, so if you want to move it elsewhere in the future, you can. Currently you can export guests, and you'll soon be able to export bookings and report data to a CSV file too. The 'CSV' format is a universal file that you can open in standard applications like Microsoft Excel and import into most software (including GuestList).

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Can guests see availability and make their own bookings online?

This feature should be available in July 2009. If you're on the right package, your GuestList account will include a publicly-viewable availablity calendar and guest bookings. You will be able to display this on your website or third party marketing websites. So anyone can see your availability and make bookings (if you want them to).

How do I create reminders, e.g. to chase a deposit?

You can create 'general' reminders or reminders relating to a specific booking. Add a general reminder from the dashboard, or if you want to relate to a specific booking use the 'add a reminder' link while viewing that booking. Reminders can cover a number of options, such as chasing a deposit payment, putting a cot in a room, maintenance tasks or even doing your accounts.

How can I track the success of my advertising?

When you add a new guest, you can enter any information in the 'found by' box, e.g. recommendation by Mrs J Smith, general magazine advertising, or web search. In your 'Reports' section you can see the total numbers of guests who found you by each particular source over any date range you choose.

How do I view the occupancy of my units?

The occupancy option in the 'Reports' section shows the occupancy of each unit as a percentage. You can change the date ranges to see occupancy over any period.

How can I see how much money I'm earning?

View the 'payments taken by day' or 'payments taken by unit' to see all payments across your bookings. You can also change the date range.

Can I set rates for different units and dates?

Yes. You can set individual 'suggested' rates for every one of your units in GuestList, and then choose any charge when you actually make a booking. We are working on external availability and booking, which will include the ability to set different rates.

How do I cancel a booking?

Go into the booking you want to cancel and click the 'cancel booking' link at the top of the page. You will still be able to see the booking details, but it will show as a cancelled booking.

How do I record the number of guests in a booking?

You can record the number of guests and any other information in the 'Notes' field of the booking.

How do I cancel a payment or charge I made by mistake?

The easiest way to 'undo' an incorrect payment or charge is to add a negative amount to correct the balance. For example, if you add a charge for �100 and change your mind, just add a new charge for -�100.

How can I see all my outstanding deposits?

All outstanding payments are visible in the 'Reports' section of your GuestList account. As long as you add a charge when you first make a booking, it will be shown as an outstanding payment until you add a corresponding payment for the deposit.

How do I make a provisional booking?

Once you have confirmed booking dates and guest details, you will see a 'booking review' page confirming the details you have selected. There is also a tick box so you can make your booking provisional. Provisional bookings are shown in a different colour than confirmed bookings on your availability calendar. You can confirm or cancel it later while viewing your booking.

How do I make a room unavailable (e.g. for maintenance)?

Add a normal booking and once you have selected the dates, you will have the option of selecting a 'maintenance' booking. You can use this feature to mark the room as unavailable, e.g. for decoration or friends staying, but it will not be considered booked in your reports.

How can I add a special offer?

At the moment all bookings have to be confirmed by you manually, which means you can provide any price you like. You can't currently display a special offer to guests browsing your availability calendar.

How do I get GuestList invoices to match my invoice numbers?

Invoices and receipts generated by GuestList are numbered in order from the first time you use GuestList. You can change the starting number or add other characters before or after an invoice reference in the 'Invoicing Information' section of 'Your Account'.

How do I add a VAT number to my invoices?

You can add any information you want at the end of your invoices and receipts, including VAT numbers. Just go to 'Your Accounts' and edit the 'Inv/Rcpt footer' box.

How do I change the email address that is displayed to guests?

When your guests receive messages like booking confirmations and invoices from GuestList, you can include an email address for them to use for communication. This is different from the email you use to sign in to GuestList, and can be specified in the 'Business Information' section of 'Your Account'.

What guest details can I keep?

Guest information includes standard contact details such as name, telephone, email and address. You can also store general notes like particular requests, so you can provide a more personal service. The notes field can include any text you want. While GuestList is secure, it is your responsibility to maintain guest details and comply with any applicable legal requirements, e.g. data protection.

How can I email several guests, e.g. for marketing?

Currently you can only send messages to individual guests one at a time. However, you can export your guests to a CSV file for use in another application.

How do I use my guest details in a mail merge for direct mail?

The best way to use your GuestList data in another application is simply to choose the 'export' option in the 'Guests' section. The CSV or 'comma separated values' format is universal and can be used for many applications, including as a data source for the Microsoft Word mail merge function.

How can I view all the payments I've received?

The 'Reports' section of your GuestList account includes a list of payments taken per day and per unit. You can also export this to a CSV file and save it on your desktop or import into compatible software.