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GuestList Features


Everything's easier with instant 'at a glance' availability across all your units

  • Visual 2 week calendar shows availability instantly
  • Hover over any booking for summary or click for full details
  • Click any empty space to start adding a new booking for that date/unit
  • Live, pending and maintenance bookings in different colours
  • Jump to date or browse by fortnight
  • Quick links to records you've recently been working on
  • See what's happening today in every unit

Booking details

Make bookings quickly and easily with our simple, instinctive process

  • Click on an empty date or carry out a new search for availability
  • Mini calendars with days of the week let you pick departure dates easily
  • Choose from available units with suggested rates
  • Add new guest details as part of the booking process
  • Automatic check for existing guests to avoid duplication
  • Store provisional bookings with different colour on calendar
  • Assign rooms for maintenance or family visits so occupancy is not shown in reports
  • Add notes to individual bookings, like arrival time or extra requirements
  • Bookings show guest contact details and link to full records
  • Suggested rate for each unit, but you can apply any charge (see finance below)
  • Edit, cancel and reinstate bookings any time
  • Account history with all transactions and outstanding balance

Guest management

Look after your guests by keeping all their details and preferences to hand

  • Add guest details with multiple phone numbers, email, address and country
  • Store preferences for guests, such as habits, personal details or requirements
  • Record how guests find you, with quick links to frequently used options
  • Create new bookings for previous guests without having to re-enter data
  • Edit or delete guest details any time (automatic block if they have bookings)
  • Simple keyword or part-word search to find any guest (e.g. John Smith, John or J)
  • Instantly view all guests or just guests currently staying
  • Guest search results show phone and email, with link to full record
  • View all transactions and bookings relating to an individual guest
  • Export all your guest details to a CSV file for backup or marketing

Online bookings (Advanced & Premium only)

Get more guests with online availability and bookings that you control

  • Show instant availability calendars for all your rooms on your website
  • Include an online booking request form so guests can make instant enquiries
  • Customise colours and fonts to suit your website
  • Get an optional unique URL e.g. to offer online bookings
  • Bookings are not applied until you've approved them, so you stay in control
  • Get instant email notification of new booking requests and confirm online
  • Guests receive email confirmation of their booking request details
  • View a simple list of pending booking requests with preferences and availability
  • Contact details are prominent so you can discuss bookings with your guests
  • Instantly add booking requests or edit units/dates
  • You can reject bookings and see them in a separate list for 30 days


Work better with online transactions and instant invoices by email or post

  • Add unlimited payments and charges for every booking
  • Each payment or charge generates a corresponding invoice or receipt
  • Email invoices and receipts straight to your guest or print off for posting
  • Guest and booking statements show all transactions and outstanding balance
  • View all your outstanding payments at a glance
  • Cancel invoices and receipts, which remain stored separately for your reference
  • Visual reports on your business activity and occupancy with changing date range
  • See occupancy rate per unit, payments per day/unit, and how guests found you
  • Personalise invoice/receipt content and numbering to match your accounts

Your account and security

Stay safe and in control with a personalised account and secure online access

  • Access your account from any internet-enabled computer in the world
  • Individual username and password
  • Account verified by email
  • Your password is encrypted but can be reset if you forget
  • Change your user and business details any time, including currency
  • Create reminders for any task, like guest actions or property maintenance
  • Add, edit and remove units any time, and group by location
  • Units include suggested rate and notes
  • Maximum number of units based on which GuestList package you choose
  • One-click feedback from every page lets you report problems or make suggestions
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