We know that GuestList is easier to use than any other reservations system because we made it that way. Instead of hours of training and endless technical manuals, people generally just log in to GuestList and get started. No fuss, no set-up, no need to think about how everything works - just instinctive, simple screens that make sense.

We believe that if we focus on making GuestList easy to use, then all the benefits to your business and your daily life will follow (of course, we still provide help resources and personal support if you need it).

Why does ease of use matter?

The immediate benefits of GuestList's ease of use will be the effect on your working day. Suddenly it's just easier to get things done, and everything fits into place. A system that's easy to use will leave you feeling relaxed and in control (not frustrated). Plus because it's easy to use, you'll use GuestList more often, keep more useful and accurate information, and be able to give your guests a better service.

If you've ever had to show your software to a new member of staff, or explain how you do things to someone providing holiday cover, then you'll appreciate how quickly other people 'get' GuestList and start using it.

How do we make GuestList easy to use?

We use web-based software because most people already have some experience of navigating through the web, so they'll recognise familiar tools like buttons, forms and links. If you're reading this web page, you can use GuestList.

We actively try to make things more simple for users by constantly questioning what we do and trying to think from your perspective. If you listened in on our conversations you'd hear a lot of repeated phrases - "that needs to be clearer", "is this really necessary?", "adding that will make the screen too cluttered" - because we have a genuine passion for making things easier, and we believe that simple and instant beats complex and cluttered every time.

Most of all, we work very closely with customers and test users. We've worked with real B&B and holiday rental owners right from the start of GuestList, and we go out of our way to find out what customers think and what direction we should go in. We know that our experience of GuestList is completely different to yours, so our first priority is always to listen.

So where's the guarantee?

Well it's not a moneyback guarantee, simply because you don't hand over any money in the first place. Every account includes a 30-day free trial, which means you only ever pay for the month you have already used. If you don't think GuestList is easy to use, you don't pay for the next month. We want our service and sales to be just as easy as GuestList itself, so it's really easy for you to join and really easy for you to leave (although we work hard to make sure you don't want to).

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