As a thank you for recommending GuestList to new customers, we pay up to 50 for every successful referral.

How does it work?

  1. Register for our scheme and get a unique code/link
  2. Your friends click your link or include your code when they sign up
  3. New customer pays for three consecutive months of GuestList
  4. We pay you a referral fee equal to their first payment (10, 25 or 50)

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To start earning money for GuestList referrals, just email and we'll send you a unique code and weblink.

We can even give you graphic ads and text content so you can advertise on your website.

Small print

Customers must provide your unique code while signing up. If they visit the site and then come back later without providing the code, or delete the code from the signup form, we cannot track your referral and you won't get paid. We'll pay you after a new GuestList customer has made three consecutive monthly payments. You cannot earn a referral fee for signing up to GuestList yourself.

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