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Signing up

How does the free trial work?

Choose any package you like and use it for 30 days absolutely free. There are no catches, you don't need to provide credit card information, and you'll get access to all our features during that time. At the end of your free 30 days, you can pay to continue using GuestList, or just walk away (if you do want to carry on, we'll prompt you to provide billing details).

How long am I committed for?

We charge a simple subscription fee so you only pay for one month at a time. You can cancel at any time and you won't be liable for any future payments. If your payment is due in the next few days, changes may not take effect until the following month.

What hardware and software do I need?

Just an internet-connected computer. If you can read this web page, you've got all the equipment you need. GuestList is entirely web-based, so all of your information is stored on our internet servers. You can also access your account from anywhere in the world with an internet browser.

Isn't it cheaper for me to pay once for something off the shelf?

We don't think so. Your monthly subscription to GuestList means you always have the most up-to-date version, complete with new features, fixes and technical support. GuestList is improving all the time in response to our customers' needs. Plus you can access GuestList from anywhere, so you're not vulnerable to problems with your own computer, you don't need any additional hardware or software, and you can stay in control while you're away.

What if I want to move away from GuestList later?

We've gone out of our way to give you complete control over your own information, so if you want to move it elsewhere in the future, you can. Currently you can export guests, and you'll soon be able to export bookings and report data to a CSV file too. The 'CSV' format is a universal file that you can open in standard applications like Microsoft Excel and import into most software (including GuestList).

Can I access the system from more than one computer?

Yes. GuestList is web-based, which means you can access your bookings and guests from any internet-connected computer in the world.

How do I get all my old data into GuestList?

You can import existing guest details from a CSV file. This is a universal format which you can create in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, and is often an export option in other booking management applications. Choose the 'import' function from the 'Guests' area of your GuestList account and follow the instructions provided.

What if I want something more bespoke?

Bluelinemedia - who own and manage GuestList - provide a bespoke development service for larger hotels and other organisations, or if you just need something different. Visit for more about our handmade software.

Your money

What are the set-up fees?

There are no set-up fees for GuestList. All you pay is a monthly subscription in advance, depending on the package you choose.

How do I pay for GuestList?

We have a monthly subscription that is payable by debit or credit card. Just register your details once and we'll collect the money automatically as long as your account is live. You can change your package price or cancel at any time.

What happens if I stop paying?

If we are unable to collect a monthly payment from your card, we will notify you immediately and suspend your account until you have provided new details. If we don't hear from you within 30 days, we will cancel your account and delete all your information.

How safe is my information?

We take significant measures to protect our website and your information, and because it's web-based you are not vulnerable to issues with your own computer. You can also save all your information to your computer any time you want, in case you want to undo changes or recover from a loss of data.

How do I cancel or change my package?

You can change your account level or cancel at any time by clicking on the 'My Account' link when you're signed in to GuestList. Your account will be upgraded or downgraded immediately and your next monthly payment will change to the new amount. We charge monthly and don't offer part-refunds. If your payment is due in the next few days, changes may not take effect until the following month.

How do I back up my information?

Currently you can back up your guests to a CSV file from the relevant area of your GuestList account. This will soon include your bookings and reports. We also take regular backups and store GuestList on multiple servers to avoid loss of data.

Do I have to be based in the UK to use GuestList?

No, you can use GuestList from anywhere in the world. We currently only have an English language version, but you can choose any currency and location.

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