GuestList is incredibly easy to use, and we want to make sure you have exactly the same experience of our sales and customer service. We've chosen a monthly 'software as a service' model for our payments because it means we only make money while our customers are happy.

No set-up costs

Because GuestList is web-based, you don't need any additional hardware or software to get started - just an internet-enabled computer. This also means you can access your GuestList account from anywhere.

No 'per user' costs

We don't believe in user licences, so we don't charge for them. Your monthly fee is based on the number of units in your property, so smaller businesses will pay less. However, you get an unlimited number of guests, bookings and users for free.

No commission on bookings

We don't charge for commission on bookings and we're not a holiday marketing company. Our job is to make your job easier, and you never have to pay more than your monthly fee.

Free support

We don't charge any support fees or maintenance charges. Any support you need in setting up and managing your GuestList account is included in your monthly fee. We provide a growing help resource and personal support. You'll even get free upgrades as we continuously develop and improve GuestList.

No contract

You pay a single payment for GuestList, one month at a time. If you want to stop using GuestList, you simply stop paying. We also provide export options so you can transfer data to another system.