Your responsibilities

While we work hard to maintain the access and security of your data, we recommend that you take back-ups at regular intervals as we cannot take responsiblity for individual loss of data.

It is your responsibility to protect your access details and not pass them to other people who might access your account.

You have a direct responsibility to your guests to maintain the confidentiality of their details, and comply with any data protection or other laws relating to use or storage of their data.

Where information about your bookings and your holiday property is published (such as on the public availability calendar), it is entirely your responsibility to comply with any legal regulations or requirements, such as advertising law.

Limits to the service

While we take care to protect and maintain GuestList, we are not responsible for any loss of business or other problems due to loss of data or access to your GuestList account.

You agree that we use third party services such as hosting and payment providers and that while we take care to choose suitable suppliers, we do so entirely in our discretion and without any liability to your business.

Your monthly payment to GuestList provides a licence to use our software for your business and within the context of the GuestList service. It in no way provides any intellectual property or rights of ownership over any part of GuestList.

You are not permitted to duplicate, sell or in any other way re-publish any elements of our code or design.

We claim no copyright or ownership over the information you provide and maintain within your GuestList account.

Your privacy

Cookies are small amounts of information stored on your computer. We use cookies to ensure you stay logged into your account while using GuestList, and your browser will need to accept cookies to ensure that GuestList works correctly.

We store data such as your contact details for the purposes of providing customer service, and may email you from time to time with information about GuestList that we think will be useful to you.

We will never rent or sell your data to any third party, except in the case of selling whole or part of the business.

Your guest information is stored purely so that you can manage their details within GuestList, and remains confidential between you and your guests. We will never use, publish or sell your guest data in any way.

We do not store any credit or debit card details because we use a third party to provide secure payment processing. Payment of your GuestList account and any associated billing details may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which will be provided to you when you register for payment.

We collect and store anonymous information about your bookings to enable us to build up data about the holiday accommodation industry. This information will never be directly linked to you or your guests. We hope to use this data to publish information and trends in holiday accommodation, both for our customers and the media.