Before we started GuestList we worked with clients in hospitality and we weren't too impressed with the software available for hotels and other holiday accommodation. In particular, there wasn't much for smaller operators like B&Bs, campsites and holiday rentals.

Other products seemed expensive, with high set-up costs or support contracts. Some were just an addition to marketing services, with providers taking commission on bookings - including those made from the owner's website.

What was wrong

Most surprising was just how difficult existing software packages were to use. We were amazed that companies were providing such clunky, old-fashioned and complicated solutions. The packages were:

  • Over-complicated with unnecessary features
  • Hard to use and counter-intuitive
  • Rigid in how you had to do things
  • Ugly!

In short, they weren't very nice to use.

How we made GuestList better

We're passionate about the user experience, and we believe that it matters how it actually feels to use a system. Simple and clear software makes it easier for you to run your business.

And while we naturally like to make things simple, we wanted to make sure that GuestList was easier in every way. There are a few other ways we make sure the user experience comes first:

  • Start with the screen layout and add the functionality from there
  • Always look for ways to simplify or remove stages
  • Actively talk to users and ask questions about what you want

We'll keep getting better

Most importantly, GuestList wasn't produced as an 'off-the-shelf' product that stays the same. We are committed to constantly improving GuestList, adding new features and asking customers how we can make life easier for them.

GuestList is owned and looked after by Bluelinemedia Ltd.